Past Boxes


SUMMER BOX: June 2019

What's in the Box?

Bioearth Lifting-Effect Raspberry Face Maskā£ - 100 ml

Bioearth Serums - 2x 5 ml

Elbidesign Organic Makeup remover and Exfoliation pads - 2 pads

Casa Mencarelli Acqua di Miele Toner - 100 ml

Casa Mencarelli Crema di Pomodoro Cleanser balm & cream - 60 ml

Bioearth Face moisturizer BR SPF 50+ Reishi and Green tea - 50 ml

Bioearth Aftersun Hydra Reishi and Hyaluronic Acid - 50 ml

Summer Box: +$180 value 

A regular routine

All products included are full-size, cruelty-free, certified organic and made in Italy. We send a box every 2 months.  

For boxes ordered as a Gift: we ship within 2 days. 

For subscriptions: We ship on February, April, June, August, October and December. Order by the 15th of the previous month.  Each box contains a lot of goodies that will last 2 months. Less shipments, generous quantities, a variety of skincare products, and more time to enjoy your products! 

Detox, nourish and enjoy the calming effect of clean, organic skincare on your skin.